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We was doing some shoppings and just came out from the store with the goods when we saw Lidia rushing somewhere... I go there and of course I did the best I can to stop her rush... which I succeeded after a minute or so... After she stopped I ask her her name and she said it\'s Lidia and her age is 22 BUT before that she told me that she is working for a pretty BIG American company... and I assumed that she speak English very well... Which she did not :)) BUT she spoke well enough to have a decent conversation in English. I had to be very quick with her because I was afraid to loose her (she was in a rush to her working place which was about 200 meters from us). Plus the weather outside was REALLY hot and she felt uncomfortable sitting there in her black suit wearing even black pantyhose (or stockings maybe... I dunno). All the conversation with Lidia was very funny for me because when I realized that her English is not very good I tried to use the body language too to describe what I want from her... But you will see that for yourself... I am sure. Even Lidia found out entertaining my funny moves and of course that made her more relaxed regarding to me, which is very good, trust me. Of course like I do in most cases when outside are above 30 degrees CELSIUS, I use the weather in my advantage and present the things like it would be great to get the girls to cool down in the sea. BUT in Lidia\'s case I\'ve had another problem... her working place and not only that BUT she had to ask her boss which was a woman to give her an hour off from the work. So I teach Lidia how to lie a bit and tell her boss something to give her a free hour... You ca see the rest for yourself... BUT I can tell you that Lidia said that is was really nice soaking her clothes into the sea and it\'s worthed to loose an hour from her working place to take a swim for us... Note: The clip is encoded in two versions (when you pay for the download you basically buy both) The CLIPS 1,2,3,4 are the Higher resolution [encoded at 4 MBPS with a 1280x720 screen size] and for the folks with a slower connection we have a lower resolution version [encoded at 2 MBPS with a 960x540 screen size].
April 12, 2017