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Diana visited her sister before she meet us and when I saw her she was heading in the opposite direction from us so I had to run a little to catch her. She was a bit surprised that some guys chase her so I apologized for the situation and then I introduced myself and the girls told me that her name is Diana... So then I introduced Vlad my cameraman that day and she seemed not bothered by his presence so I continued the talk. I told her the reason why the camera man is there and of course I asked her if she speak English and she said yes (considering the fact that she is working in tourism this is normal). Then I make some comment about the way I asked her how old is she when in fact she is young (20 years) but you cannot ask someone how young are you Right? Or maybe I am wrong. Anyway... my comment make her laugh so we really start to be more relaxed. And then I start to explain to her how our project works and what I want her to do for us. She asked if she can go home and change her clothes before she get messy and of course I said no :)) I explained to her that we will get her home dried because we have our drier with us and after she will wash the clothes we will dry them with the drier and then we will drive her home. Check the update to see how did I convinced her to get messy right in the clothes she was after all and see how she had a great time putting the whipped cream on her fine outfit.NOTE: this episode is 19 minutes long and because it\'s shot and encoded in High Definition Video format with 1280x720 screen size, we split the clip in 8 parts to make it easier to download. Because we wanted to keep the quality standards high we also encoded the clip at high bit rate which cause a bigger file size but we hope you will like the quality. Enjoy the update.
August 10, 2023
Andrea was walking home when I met her... it was not hot at all that day so both me and my camera guys was freezing and of course Andrea was no other way... she was freezing too so when I asked her if she is rushing home (because of the cold) and she say yes, I asked her if I can rush with her and then she smiled a bit and suddenly when she smiled I felt like I am not freezing anymore. Everything was nice and relaxed till I told her that we are from a video production company and from that moment she start to be frowning and then when I made the mistake to ask her if she is married then I start to really loose her... And because my mouth continue to speak without thinking (probably because of the cold) and I told her that we would want her to get messy then I am sure she wanted to call the cops on us because she thought that I am crazy or something (let alone the fact that we was in front of the camera)... So at this point I will stop with the story and I will let you discover how I get this young lady to get 3 bottles of white chocolate and two bottles of strawberry sauce (real deal not the one with colorants in it ;) on her nice dressing. Andrea was wearing high heels, black nylon socks, a very nice green shirt.NOTE: the clip is 21 minutes long and because it\'s shot and encoded in High Definition Video format with 1280x720 screen size, we split the clip in 9 parts. Because we wanted to keep the quality standards high we also encoded the clip at high bit rate which cause a bigger file size but we hope you will like the quality Enjoy the update.
August 5, 2023
Madalina was on her way to work when I meet her on a place that could pass as a set for a horror movie even during the day time. ;) I stopped her and say hi and after we introduced ourselves she told me that she is going to work and she is and engineer at one telecommunications company in the city. I told her I am an engineer to (which after a minute I told that was a joke) and I said I want to talk about the centrifugal force with her in English :)... but of course before she wanted to ask me the first question about Newton\'s Third Law of Motion I change the subject and I begin to ask he if she have one hour to spend with us and I told her straight away about the money side of the business we do... because I really liked the way this girl was dressed and I was hoping that I will get my first engineer messed up. So I really did not take my chances and talk the girl into it and ask her about how much it would cost me to get her nice outfit messed up. What was the amount she asked me? Good question and I can tell you that this lady asked for the most bigger amount from this project (so far) but she was worthed every single penny cos I think this update is not an ordinary one (for me). She first start by messing her outfit with white chocolate and then I give her some brown chocolate (for the contrast with her white immaculate blouse of course ;)NOTE: the clip is 25 minutes long and because it\'s shot and encoded in High Definition Video format with 1280x720 screen size, we split the clip in 9 parts Because we wanted to keep the quality standards high we also encoded the clip at high bit rate which cause a bigger file size but we hope you will like the quality Enjoy the update.
July 30, 2023
Me and my cameraman was tired after the searches that day and we was just resting next to a fountain (without water) hoping that someone will passing by. And on top of all I had the feeling that I will catch a cold. When my camera guy saw Elena I say that she is not so good looking so I will not bother to go over there... because of the conditions I run to catch her anyway and at a closer look I\'ve discovered that she is not so bad as I thought, in fact she is a nice girl. I stopped her and from the start I said her who we are and what we want from her (of course after I made some introduction and I asked her if she speak English which she said she speak). She said she is 18 years old and I want to make sure that she is above 18 so I asked her that and when she said yes I continued to talk asking her if she have a job or she still in a high school or college. She said that she is a student and she study Mathematics at the local university. With this girl we thought it will be more interesting if we let THE GIRL choose the substance she want to put on her because I am sure she will feel better if we do that. Elena said that she don\'t really trust me and don\'t know if she can trust me to come with me in a private room and get messy and then wet and then naked (to dry her clothes) etc. How the things went and what was the substance Elena chosen for the clip, well this is something for you to discover.NOTE: the clip is 20 minutes long and because it\'s shot and encoded in High Definition Video format with 1280x720 screen size, we split the clip in 9 parts. Because we wanted to keep the quality standards high we also encoded the clip at high bit rate which cause a bigger file size but we hope you will like the quality ;) Enjoy the update.
July 5, 2023
We was walking on an alley in a warm sunny day (which after a long cold winter is terrific) and we suddenly saw her talking on her cell. I was hoped that she will finish the call till we reach her because other wise most probably this I will not even get a look from her not to mention that I needed a little more from her then a look ;) Anyway... we was lucky and she finished the call till she got near to us and I had my chance to get her wet which looking more and more at her seemed to be the best thing that could happen in that sunny day. I say HI and she start smiling seeing the whole crew I\'ve had after me (Soreen my friend our camera man and the photograph) Usually these two guys stay a little behind me because they tend to get the girls anxious and then the plan to get them wet is ruined. Anyway, Christina did not seem to be bothered by the guys and I start talking with the girl. I asked her name and I told her mine, I asked her very quickly if I am allowed to go with her home :) which she did not agree of course but I felt that she like d the joke and we become more relaxed when I say that I want to walk with her a bit... She told me that she is in her way back from work but she did not wanted to tell me where do she working... Anyway... she also told me that she study so kind of public relations stuff in high school apart from working and one day she might be a manager (maybe I should wait for that day to get a manager into the pool :)) I felt that it\'s time after all the chat to tell her the real reason I stopped her and I asked her to get wet for us... I am sure she didn\'t understood the sentence because she looked at me with those eyes asking me to explain because she don\'t understand a strange situation like this. After I start to explain to her she did not believe I asked her to step into a pool right the way she is. Then she start to suddenly loose the sense of humor and she told me that she don\'t even know us. She is afraid to not fall into a trap or something... I said then in my mind that a crew of 3 guys is too much and I will let the new photographer go when I will do the next shootings. BUT anyway I had to solve the situation and get her to be confident that nothing will happen wrong if she will come with us... See for yourself what happened then.
June 20, 2023
We was tired to search a girl that day and we sit down in a park to rest a bit and we joked around about wow easy it goes sometimes and sometimes it\'s so hard to even find a girl who listen to you... Anyway we shoot around with the camera and we noticed two girls one sitting on a bench and one passing by but their clothes was not very good and we rather let them pass ;) Suddenly we saw a girl dressed VERY nicely with boots mini skirt and she was alone and seem not to hurry - bottom line she was the perfect girl to talk with about our little game.So I step close to her and I was lucky this time because the girl at least stop to listen to me and I introduced myself and she told me her name. Her name is Elena.As I thought at the beginning that Elena will get easily wet for us we had a hard time to convince her even to film her in the park like she was... so basically I knew that this girl will be harder to convince to play our little game.I started to tell her about our project and I start to make little compliments and then after I win a little ground I asked her if she speaks English and she said not really so I knew in case she will agree we will have to subtitle the whole scene.I talk and talk and talk :) and suddenly I realized that the girl think we are crazy :)) really... if you watch the clip you will see that on her face. I bet that in that second she thought of a way to get out of there in the quickest way possible.Elena told us that she have a boyfriend at home and he will get mad if he will hear about her getting into the bathtub fully clothed and then I felt like I should mention the cash as our last way to get her wet and if that will not work I will just drop the whole thing and go home.As you can imagine when I mentioned the cash Elena start to talk more friendly with me and it was just a matter of minutes till I convinced her FINNALY to get into a tub filled with water just the way she is.
April 5, 2023
It was before Christmas when we meet Julia... it was not so cold outside but even -5 degrees Celsius it\'s enough when you are out for more then 2 hours. Anyway... I guess the weather was the reason that made Julia rush home (as I later discovered during the conversation). I saw her and because she was in a hurry I start to run after her leaving Soreen there with the camera :)... I was able of course to catch her and she was so surprised that I run after her and introduce myself that she did not even think to send me away and continue her walk...The when I asked her if I can get the cameraman closer I guess she must of thought that we are making a street interview or something... so we had pretty good cards on our hands...After a little more conversation I asked he if she speaks English and she told me that she do not so I knew that it will have to add subtitles to the conversation and from that point on I was not so interested...just kidding of course ;)... The girl looked nice and I wanted to get her in the bath tub right the way she was and because the weather was cold I could not had the time to make the conversation too long and because it was almost Christmas I told her in a nice (sort of joke) way that we have a present for her... A nice hot bath with her clothes on... (you got to see her expression on her face whe I told her that :)) she probably thought we are nuts or something :))... BUT anyway we had the power of the money on our side and when we mentioned that we will give her any amount of money she will ask if she will agree to get into the hot tub with her jacket and her boots one she think a bit and then she agree to come with us.To tell you the truth I was not sure I can get her to keep the jacket on but she did it. Unfortunately she asked us on the road to remove the jacket\'s cap because was with fur on it and she was afraid that the water will ruin that)She did not had such a great time in the bathtub like the other girls used to have and she find the experience rather strange then sexy or nice. Maybe I am mistaking because she said that she is feeling nice and everything is cool.I asked her later in the clip to take down her boots and she did it so the wet socks fans will probably enjoy the clip too ;)
February 25, 2023
Well guys, this was a hard one... We was inside of a bar and Soreen was fooling around with the camera... and I saw the girls at a table talking with each other. I go there and I introduced myself, I found out that the girl\'s names are Michaela and Marina... Michaela was nice and very friendly but Marina was just the opposite. I go there first without Soreen after me and he shoot the discussion from 5-6 meters so you cannot hear nothing but the 2-3 minutes talk was just to convince Marina to get the cameraman over.Anyway... after a while Soreen walk over (uninvited :)) and the girls introduced themselves to him and we agree that they are not to happy that we come over there (especially Marina).So with the camera and the microphone there I could start to do the talk to get Marina more friendly ;)We found out that they both speak English very well and we continued the discussion in English then...I start to make some jokes to make the girls laugh a bit and get them to be more friendly to us... and I\'ve succeed I think ;)I found out that they both study art and they are both 21 years old and they are in the same class at the college and Michaela was working as a receptionist in a hotel too.Anyway... it was time to make a move so after more then ten minutes of friendly talk I finally asked Michaela to get wet for us... and she was like WHAT? Well I am sure that if Marina wasn\'t there, my work would be so much easier because I saw on her face that Michaela kind of like the idea to get wet fully clothed.So I did more talking and more and more and then some more :)) Till I get them to this situation: Michaela said that she will step into the bath and Marina said that she will come to see how it is and after 20 minutes+ of talking there we was... heading for the hotel to get Michaela wet.Well how did Michaela get Marina into the bath tub later one? That is something you will have to find out yourself... But I can tell you that BOTH girls leave the coats on when they step into the bath tub ;)
February 10, 2023