We was near a \

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September 30, 2023
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shower, heels, pants, nylons, blouse, seethru, jacket

We was near a \"Kaufland\" hypermarket and I wanted to buy a grill because I like the way they make it over there (German style) anyway... Soreen was starving too so it seem a good idea to get one... With the camera rolling we start to walk towards to the entrance BUT we saw this nice girl coming out from the store. And of course from that moment I could not think about the grill anymore :)) No... it was not like that because I was still hungry BUT I thought I will not miss this girl and if she will said no I can continue the \"trip\" to the wanted grill and if she say yes I can eat later. As the girl approached I turned after her with the carriage too and of course that make her to look at me as if I was at least ill or something (or crazy :). I said HI and she replied in a very vague way... like when somebody want to get rid of you... and of course she continued to walk... She told me that she went to shopping but she also said that it\'s her business what did she bought when I asked her that. I have managed to find her name when I introduced myself and she also agree that we can talk in English. She also told me her age (22 years old). Of course by mistake I start to talk about all the shopping stuff again getting Mina more bothered that we talk about the same stuff in English that we already discussed in Romanian. I invited her to eat a grill with me but she said that she already eaten that day because it\'s past 12. And then I start to tell her my story and did my best to get her soaked. Check the update to see how did she end up in the pool in her nice working clothes. BUT I can tell you two things: 1. She LOVED to swim around with her clothes on and 2. WE DID had a fine meal before we got to the pool because I was really starving :))