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This story is the winner of the story contest (congratulations to the writer):Agi couldn’t believe that she had talked herself into doing this. She always had fun jumping into a pool or being thrown in dressed in a t-shirt or tank top and shorts but this was going to be different. T-shirts and tanks weren’t really “clothes” like this was going to be, those were cheap and expendable. But ever since she and her boyfriend were at a party and witnessed a woman jump into the pool in a party dress she couldn’t forget his reaction. Agi wanted him looking at her like that, not a stranger, so she decided to do something about it. The first problem was that her wardrobe was limited. She always dressed casually at work or play. She owned two suits but you can’t party in a suit so she decided she had to go shopping. Agi couldn’t believe she was shopping for something sexy to get wet in. It got frustrating too because typical department stores just didn’t sell what she thought she wanted; something a stripper might wear without being too risky. Eventually she ran into a specialty shop. The choices were amazing, some of the dresses could never be worn in public but she eventually spotted what she wanted. The color was bold, a purplish shade. The length was scandalously short, definitely a micro mini with a plunging neckline all the way down to her navel although it did offer the safety of a strap halfway down the front to minimize the risk of accidental slips. The simulated diamonds down each side of the neckline gave it a highlight that was oh so sexy too, as if the dress needed more. As she stood in front of the mirror in the dressing room she was convinced this was the right dress and bought it. As she drove home she felt her heart racing. She not only bought the dress but was exciting about the prospect of getting wet in it for her boyfriend, or maybe she just like the idea of feeling sexy. When she got home she decided that she had to see herself in this getting wet. Her apartment complex had a fitness center with private Jacuzzis which was perfect, so she stripped off her street clothes and put her new microdress on. She was about to reach for a robe to cover herself on the way to the spa when she pondered how she looked in the mirror. Then it hit her, something was missing. She was barefoot and bare legged. Ah ha! I have to accessorize! She said to herself. Wearing this micro dress without anything else on looked almost like a simple bathing suit which would never do. She raced back to the mall and did some more shopping. In no time she was back in her room looking at herself in the mirror. Now her micro dress was complimented by black fishnet nylons, high heel pumps, full makeup and even flashy earrings. She was ready now. She slipped off her heels and hose so she would look normal under her robe as she walked to the spa but quickly put them back on as soon as she arrived. She took a look at herself again in the full length mirror and couldn’t wait to experience what she was about to do. As she was about to step into the Jacuzzi she looked at her brand new high heel pump and wondered if it would survive the soaking. She didn’t care; she’d buy another pair if she had to. She then stepped down into the warm water, at first sitting down and submerging the bottom half of her micro short dress. It turned dark as it got wet. As usual, the Jacuzzi was a pleasure, she raised her heels in and out of the water marveling at how sexy she felt and show her boyfriend would react. After a few minutes she decided it was time to fully submerge and soak the rest of her micro dress as well as her hair, earrings and made up face. The water was feeling so wonderful but she was anxious to know what she looked like so she climbed out of the water and walked over the mirror. She giggled at how her feet made squishing sounds in the sopping wet pumps while clicking on the tiled floor. When she gazed at herself in the mirror she not only knew that her boyfriend would be thrilled but that she was too and would do this again. Her dress was plastered to her body and glistened in its wetness. Her sodden hair highlighted by those elegant earrings was just the look she hoped for. Agi decided to soak for a while longer; she couldn’t get over how sexy she felt. After ten more minutes she knew she had to get back to her apartment but didn’t want to remove her heels and hose again. She didn’t even want to cover up with the robe again so she walked back to her apartment in her sopping wet clinging microdress and nylons and squishing heels. Nobody saw her but she decided she wouldn’t have minded even if someone did. Even back in her apartment she didn’t want to remove anything yet, hoping to cling to her new sexy feeling. She sat down at he computer and IM'ed her boyfriend to chat. She didn’t mention anything about what she just did but got very flirty with him while she dripped on the floor.
May 10, 2022