Me and and the camera man was walking between some blocks in a bright sunny day when I saw this nice girl walking somewhere. I let the camera guy in the place and I run after the girl and of course I introduced myself and she told me her name and she said that she have free time to speak with me for 2 minutes. She said OK and I asked if she speak English and she asked me why I ask her that...and from that time she stop being so nice unfortunately... Even like this I found her nice enough for me to try to get her nice outfit soaked. And when I told her that we basically want her to get under the shower I loosed her for a moment and she want to walk away. I did not mention that the shower should be fully clothed and that was a mistake because I am sure that she thought that the shower should be without the clothes... I realized the mistake and when she start to walk away from me I asked her to hear the full deal... after I told her exactly the conditions we have for her to get wet and I told her that she will be free to say yes or no BUT only after she will hear the full story of how the things will happen. And I think that the story was interesting enough for her, because she agree to soak her suit and her heels in our hotel room ;) See for yourself...Note: This is the first update in HDV and we hope that you will like the quality of the clip. We encoded the clip at 1280x720 resolution and we kept the bit rate pretty high which caused a bigger file size BUT we split the clip in 5 parts for easier download.
October 20, 2023
We was walking on an alley in a warm sunny day (which after a long cold winter is terrific) and we suddenly saw her talking on her cell. I was hoped that she will finish the call till we reach her because other wise most probably this I will not even get a look from her not to mention that I needed a little more from her then a look ;) Anyway... we was lucky and she finished the call till she got near to us and I had my chance to get her wet which looking more and more at her seemed to be the best thing that could happen in that sunny day. I say HI and she start smiling seeing the whole crew I\'ve had after me (Soreen my friend our camera man and the photograph) Usually these two guys stay a little behind me because they tend to get the girls anxious and then the plan to get them wet is ruined. Anyway, Christina did not seem to be bothered by the guys and I start talking with the girl. I asked her name and I told her mine, I asked her very quickly if I am allowed to go with her home :) which she did not agree of course but I felt that she like d the joke and we become more relaxed when I say that I want to walk with her a bit... She told me that she is in her way back from work but she did not wanted to tell me where do she working... Anyway... she also told me that she study so kind of public relations stuff in high school apart from working and one day she might be a manager (maybe I should wait for that day to get a manager into the pool :)) I felt that it\'s time after all the chat to tell her the real reason I stopped her and I asked her to get wet for us... I am sure she didn\'t understood the sentence because she looked at me with those eyes asking me to explain because she don\'t understand a strange situation like this. After I start to explain to her she did not believe I asked her to step into a pool right the way she is. Then she start to suddenly loose the sense of humor and she told me that she don\'t even know us. She is afraid to not fall into a trap or something... I said then in my mind that a crew of 3 guys is too much and I will let the new photographer go when I will do the next shootings. BUT anyway I had to solve the situation and get her to be confident that nothing will happen wrong if she will come with us... See for yourself what happened then.
June 20, 2023