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It was not hot at all that day and when outside is cold you can realize how easy is to get a girl to come with you and get messy ;) so that day went wrong till we meet Andreea... mainly because I was walking around without any luck. I was walking near to a church and I saw her rushing somewhere and when she get near to us I stopped her and say HI. She smiled at me and she said HI as well and I asked her from the start if she speak English, she said \"a little\" but after I begin to talk with her I discovered that she speak pretty well (according to my standards of course) And again according to my standards she looked very nice and she seem friendly enough to not have to full around before I propose her to get messy. She acted very strange all the way till I explained to her what we want from her. I mean the girl was just saying \"OK\" \"yes\" \"I understand\" and so on... so I was not sure at some point if she will agree or not and I really did not want her to say no because I was already tired and I said to myself that if this girl will say no then I will just go home and that\'s it for that day. So I insisted more then usual on the money part because I really want her to say yes. Anyway... after all she ask for money but I guess she come with me because she was very curious to see how will be... Check it out if she like it or not. NOTE: the clip is 20 minutes long and because it\'s shot and encoded in High Definition Video format with 1280x720 screen size, we split the clip in 4 parts (the meeting, the messy clip part 1 and part 2 and the wash off in the shower). Because we wanted to keep the quality standards high we also encoded the clip at high bit rate which cause a bigger file size but we hope you will like the quality ;) Enjoy the update. NOTE: The clip is encoded only at 4 MBPS.
April 15, 2017
Marcela was just resting on a bench when my cameraman spotted her. We approach and I pretend that I know her from somewhere, which she kind of believe it because as I found out later she works as a bartender in a local pub. So after we talk a little about her job and we agree that being a bartender in full season it\'s a very good paid job I begin to explain to her little by little what we really want from the girls we are meeting in the streets. So Marcela was interested \"a little bit\" to be in our reality show and besides she said that she was never in a pool or into the sea with her clothes on and I am sure she was curious to find out how it is... Of course I told her that I did not met a girl from Constanta who did not entered into the sea with her clothes on and I asked her what kind of girl is she, to let an opportunity like this to pass ;) She agree that in might be fun to wear all the clothes on you into the sea (and let me tell you that if outside are around 30 degrees Celsius and you are wearing your working clothes after you worked all morning and afternoon in them and besides you are wearing pantyhose too you might find interesting the idea to soak them ;)... She said NO despite all my persuasion BUT you see her on the site so between her NO and the point she entered into the sea I must of convinced her somehow right? Check out how, watching this update. NOTE: The clip have two versions one encoded at 4 MBPS [p1,p2 versions] and one encoded at 2 MBPS (for the slower internet connection and older PC\'s) [sv version].
April 15, 2017