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Raluca was going to a neighbor when I saw her coming out from a block ahead of us with like 100 meters. We just talking about the nice quality of the side walk before the elections this summer, when we saw her talking on the phone and I start to rush to catch her BUT I ask my cameraman to not run with me because we might scare her... As I approached I saw that she finished the talk and then it was a good time to say HI, because if a girl talk on the phone she will not bother to talk with a stranger but she will continue to talk and you will loose that girl of course. So I wait till the girl finished the talk and I said HI and I introduced myself and I realized that the girl must be at least 1.90 meters tall because I am 1.80 and I kind of looked up to her face. She had a very nice pretty face and very nice lips so I told her straight away that she is looking good. She said thanks and she did not felt surprised that I said that to her... so I\'ve asked where is she going? And she said that she is just going to a neighbor girl so I asked her if I can just join her for a few steps and she agree. Then I said to her that she is really tall and I ask her what is she doing for a living and she said that she is a model (stage model and photo model). I\'ve asked her if she speak English and she said yes... So I begin to offer her a job... :) See how I managed to get her outfit messed with several liters of yogurt. NOTE: this episode is 16 minutes long and because it\'s shot and encoded in High Definition Video format with 1280x720 screen size, we split the clip in 6 parts to make it easier to download. Because we wanted to keep the quality standards high we also encoded the clip at high bit rate which cause a bigger file size but we hope you will like the quality ;) Enjoy the update.
December 21, 2021