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Here is the girls with the most beautiful eyes I saw that week... Tina is her name and I met her on an alley and from the start I kind of liked her. Very open minded and very nice to talk with. When we meet her Tina was just walking home... and she said that she have no particular schedule for that afternoon, which was the perfect situation cos it\'s a lot more easier to get who is not rushing somewhere to come with you for a while, right? So I knew it will not be so herd to get her outfit messed up but this not always means that what I think when I see a girl will also happen so I start to tell her what do we do and tell about our proposal to her. I promised her that we will prepare for her an Orange mixture but since her favorite color is blue and her eyes are blue we ended up preparing blue gunge for her... but before we get to that I need her to explain the positives and the negatives of the situation... the negative (for her was that she have to get herself messy right?) for us this was not a negative :)) and the positive for her was the money we promise a monetary reward which he said she will tell us how much it is after she will do the clip. BUT did she asked for money? Did she like to roll in the blue gunge? Well these are good questions and you will find the answer watching the clip.NOTE: the clip is 22 minutes long and because it\'s shot and encoded in High Def Video format with 1280x720 screen size, we split the clip in 4 parts (the meeting, the messy clip part 1 and part 2 and the wash off in the shower). Because we wanted to keep the quality standards high we also encoded the clip at high bit rate which cause a bigger file size but we can assure that it\'s worth it ;) Enjoy the update
December 30, 2023
We was almost in the center of the city when I saw Carina, walking towards us. Of course I could not miss a lady like her so I stopped her and I say HI and I asked where is she going and what is her name and how old are she... you know stuff you want to ask when you are keen to start a conversation with somebody. After Carina told me that she is 20 and she is going home I asked her if she can take me with her too (outside was not so hot) and she said of course NO... and then it was the right moment to ask if she have a husband or a boyfriend and she told me she have... a boyfriend. And she told me about her working place and I continue to try to get a smile from her because a smile is always 50% success when you try to convince a lady to get wet or messy. It was me who propose her to get messy with chocolate sauce (usually we let the ladies choose) but I was 100% that the brown chocolate will look terrific on her white pants. At the time I did not knew that the shirt is VERY nice too which made this clip to be the nicest so far for the chocolate fans. Anyway... check this update to see how the things went and how did I get Carina in out bathroom all covered with sweet brown chocolate sauce.can realize how easyis to get a girl to come with you and get messy ;) so that day went wrong till we meet Andreea... mainly because I was walking around without any luck. I was walking near to a church and I saw her rushing somewhere and when she get near to us I stopped her and say HI. She smiled at me and she said HI as well and I asked her from the start if she speak English, she said \
December 25, 2023