Lulu in leggings vol51sc3

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December 9, 2022
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                                                    NOTICE TO WAMFLIX MEMBERS

We humbly apologise for the lack of recent updates and for the disappearnce of the TV clips. This is due to events beyond our control which have caused us to move all the tv clips to our other site (Topwam) and to totally redesign a new Topwam site that is better equipped to handle the tv clips media.

We also plan to change things on the WAMFLIX site as well. Unfortunately our usual developer is busy with other projects and is no longer able to support our websites so we have been scouting around for a new developer to help re-design the Topwam site as well as to introduce a new style of content on the Wamflix system in 2023.

Things have been going very slowly so far and it will be January 2023 before the new Topwam site and the new Wamflix site will be finished and re-launched.

Here is what will happen in 2023:

1) All the tv clips on this site (over 6000 of them) are being moved to the new Topwam site which will have a new membership system soon. All the old clips on Topwam that are very low quality will be deleted and replaced with 6000 higher quality tv clips and candid clips. New updates of tv clips and candid clips will resume on Topwam in January.

2) This Wamflix site is also going to change as well, because our partner on this site (Eurowam) now has his WAM.TV HD streaming site which streams all the Eurowam media in much higher HD quality than the Eurowam clips that are on this site. We will stop uploading Eurowam clips soon and redirect Eurowam media fans over to the WAM TV site which is already streaming here --

I will be replacing the Eurowam updates for this site now with a LOT more wetlook, messy and underwater models videos from my own Wamtec Archives instead. FYI there is HUGE difference between  the WAM.TV site and this Wamflix site, i.e. the 3rd party hosting company for WAM.TV does not allow nudity and erotica, whereas on WAMFLIX "we" are our own hosting company because we lease our own private server and we can stream R and X rated media, so this is where the 2 sites will differ in 2023.

- WAM.TV will be for non nude Eurowam media only - G and PG rated

- WAMFLIX will evolve now into an R/X rated site for Wetlook and WAM erotica.

In 2023 you will have 3 choices as consumers ... i.e.

- if you prefer TV clips and Candid clips -- go to

- if you prefer 1st class non nude wet & messy Eurowam media -- go to WAM.TV

- if you prefer wet/messy erotica with nudity - try the new WAMFLIX site in 2023

FYI Wamflix will also feature lots of new updates of non nude wetlook producers too, for example now that WLP Liquiid Ladies productions have retired they have appointed me to stream their entire library of 600+ wetlook scenes. Wamtec is also a distributor for 20 other wetlook, messy and underwater producers, so I have much to keep you entertained over the next 10 years.

Once again, my apologies for the lack of recent updates,

If you have any questions please DO NOT use the CONTACT page because that is now broken  and our new developer needs to fix that as well ... so email me at

Tks for your patience