It was a bright sunny day with warm temperature andwe was out for a \

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April 20, 2023
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It was a bright sunny day with warm temperature and we was out for a \"hunt\". We was on an alley when we saw this very nice looking girl rushing by and I saluted her. She replied almost without looking at me and she kept walking. I thought for a second that I will leave her rush but then I start running after her trying to make her stop and listen for a minute. Not even Soreen thought that the girl will accept to stop from her rush because he remained wiuth the camera in the place we first saw the girl first time and I was at 100 meters (at least we could test properly the wireless system :)) When she finally agree to stop she begin to talk so fast then we really spend one day just to subtitle the conversation for this clip :)) Anyway... I asked the girl if she can peak English and she told me that she speak it BUT why should we speak in English? \"Do I want to excercise my English speaking skills with her?\" I mean... come on... what was this girl thinking? I thought in my head that I will get her soaked no matter what and when she said to me that she dont\' like to loose her time for nothing and she accept money (120$ to talk with her 3 minutes) I knew that I will succeed because this girl love the money. See the how we got her finally in the pool and how did she end up loving to be clothed in the pool...