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Well guys, this was a hard one... We was inside of a bar and Soreen was fooling around with the camera... and I saw the girls at a table talking with each other. I go there and I introduced myself, I found out that the girl\'s names are Michaela and Marina... Michaela was nice and very friendly but Marina was just the opposite. I go there first without Soreen after me and he shoot the discussion from 5-6 meters so you cannot hear nothing but the 2-3 minutes talk was just to convince Marina to get the cameraman over.Anyway... after a while Soreen walk over (uninvited :)) and the girls introduced themselves to him and we agree that they are not to happy that we come over there (especially Marina).So with the camera and the microphone there I could start to do the talk to get Marina more friendly ;)We found out that they both speak English very well and we continued the discussion in English then...I start to make some jokes to make the girls laugh a bit and get them to be more friendly to us... and I\'ve succeed I think ;)I found out that they both study art and they are both 21 years old and they are in the same class at the college and Michaela was working as a receptionist in a hotel too.Anyway... it was time to make a move so after more then ten minutes of friendly talk I finally asked Michaela to get wet for us... and she was like WHAT? Well I am sure that if Marina wasn\'t there, my work would be so much easier because I saw on her face that Michaela kind of like the idea to get wet fully clothed.So I did more talking and more and more and then some more :)) Till I get them to this situation: Michaela said that she will step into the bath and Marina said that she will come to see how it is and after 20 minutes+ of talking there we was... heading for the hotel to get Michaela wet.Well how did Michaela get Marina into the bath tub later one? That is something you will have to find out yourself... But I can tell you that BOTH girls leave the coats on when they step into the bath tub ;)
by EuroWAM
April 9, 2017