Judith takes a bath

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August 23, 2017
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bathtub, shower, pants, boots, blouse, topless,
The story comes from the winner of the competition and his nickname is Nemo. Judth was out shopping that day and she found a beautiful pair of boots in one of the fancy stores she often visits. She tried the boots on but they was to tight and they was hurting her toes but the looks of the boots was absolutely great so Judit thought that she will buy them anyways... On her way home she kept thinking about ways to make the boots more confortable to her an it crossed her mind that usually when she wears some leather boots in the water the boots get a bit larger and so she thinked, she will fix the problem quick and easy. As she arrived home she went straight to the bathroom and she stepped into the the empty tub, turned on the shower and start working on the "problem". Of course as the hot water got into her boots she tought that simce she is already in the tub it would be nice to soak the rest of the outfit to and wath her black pants how they get shiny and feel how they get tighter on her body. The feeling was great and she move forward to the blouse and when all her clothes was fully soaked she start to feel that it's really hot in the bathroom so she removed the boots and then her fancy blouse and then the black pants. She kept playing with her shower for a wile and then she stepped outside satisfied that she managed to fix the boots and she did that in a very pleasant way for her. Note: Enjoy the update and tahnks to Nemo for the story... The clip is encoded at 720p HDV standard and as usual the 255 pictures can be downloaded one by one or in ZIP file.