The WAMFLIX VIP Loyalty Rewards Program

We greatly value the support we get from our loyal members, so effective immediately we are introducing our new VIP Loyalty Rewards Program with special VIP benefits for our long term supporters. All Wamflix-Plus members, past and present, who have been a member of Wamflix for 12 consecutive months will now be classified as a VIP member and eligible for the following extra benefits:

  • VIP members can watch the special VIP videos in our VIP section. We will be placing special videos in this section such as new release items and premium videos, special series and movie length features.
  • VIP members can use the "Make a Request" new feature to request selected videos from the Megastore or other Wamtec related download stores to be custom uploaded to WAMFLIX for streaming. You will have a direct hotline to MK to choose any videos you see on our download sites and those will be uploaded to Wamflix for your enjoyment. To be fair to all members and give everybody a fair chance for their requests to be processed  please limit your requests to 1 item per month.
  • VIP members will now get FREE SHIPPING on all their DVD orders. The DVDs are priced at the same low prices as the download files, but made at a higher quality directly from our masters.
  • VIP members can get access to the Wamtec wardrobe storage facilities. We have hundreds of specialized fancy dress and cosplay costumes that have been used only once or twice and are in our storage facility. If you are interested in receiving a custom costume for your own use, we will donate a costume to you if we still have it. Just use the "VIP HOTLINE" to request a costume you saw in a video or specify the kind of costume you are looking for (i.e. superhero, cop, fantasy, military, sexy, cheerleader etc)  and if we have it we will ship the costume to you as a FREE COSTUME -  postage charges will apply.
  • VIP members can get FREE DVDs from the Wamtec archives. These are mostly old DVDs from the 1995 - 2005 era that were NOT uploaded thus are not online, plus overstock DVD items from our shelves that we will giveaway FOR FREE to VIP members who ask for them. To give all VIP members a fair chance at the available DVDs we ask folks to limit their requests for free DVDs to no more than 4 items per month. Available Wet and Messy DVDs are HERE. and Available Underwater DVDs are HERE.  The DVDs are free - postage charges will apply.

Note: This is a new feature and our system is currently being programmed to upgrade future long term members to VIP status automatically. This may not be recognizing past long term members, so if you have already been a Wamflix-Plus member for 12 consecutive months PLEASE CONTACT ME with your user profile info and I will manually upgrade you to VIP status.