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It was almost dark and it was pretty cold... and we decided to stay out for half of hour and if we will not convince any girl to come with us for a warm bath we will just go back to the place we rented in that city, and call it a night. I saw Andreea coming out from a building and of course she was rushing somewhere (in such a cold I doubt that someone would take a walk) Anyway... After a brief run, I stopped her and I tried to be as harmless as I could be... Even if there is not strange to ask for directions (that was my introducing) even in the evening, I was afraid that the girl might be scared by us and we would loose her definitively. Fortunately the fact that I have the cameraman after me it always helps, and make the situation more "official". So the girl agree to listen to what I had to say even if she quickly realized that I did not stopped her for directions. I told her what we do, and why we do it, I told her everything I thought it might help to get her wet... and after she let me to explain why we do this and who are we properly... She asked me with a tone that almost left me without words... "For how much money?" I liked the girls attitude... you want me wet? Well cut the bullshit and sweet talk and show me the money :)) That girl knew what she want from me... and of course, she got what she asked for. And we got her wet. Enjoy the update ;) NOTE: This update contains a 17 minutes video encoded at 720p HDV standard and 140 high resolution pictures, in a ZIP file.
by EuroWAM
February 7, 2018