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This is the winning story (the winner got 50 WAMbank credits) Congratulation to Christian. We have a little surprise for all those who participated... all of them will get 20 WAMbank credits. We will contact each with the details. Joana has a new job in a supermarket, where she works as an assistant to help costumers to find stuff they're looking for. This particular day was her first work day, and she was wearing a new uniform as well. Everything was going smoothly, until a little boy sparked a glass of juice and messed everything. Joana observed it very quickly, rushed to help him, but her new jacket didn't escape without a spot. She looked for a place to clean it but unfortunately in the store there was not such place. SO she rushed home and she filled a bath tub with hot water to clean the jacket properly. As she began to clean the jacket, she fantasized about the last fully clothed shower then she imagined the feeling of being wet in her new uniform. That would look nice soaked she thought. She worn a black jacket, with a white shirt (without bra), black skirt, stockings and 4inch high heel. The temptation was so high that she couldn't resist to climb into the bath with her clothes on, letting the water fill her high heels, then sat down in the water. She let the water soak into her suit skirt before laying back in the water to completely immerse herself. Then she began to play with herself, running her hands over her drenched suit and transparent silk shirt. That was probably one of the best wetlook experience she has ever had.
by EuroWAM
December 3, 2018