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Joana was returning home from a weekend she spent with her grandmother, and she was dressed ready for the office because she knew that she would not have the time to go home and change her clothes and still be to work on time with the Monday morning traffic. The traffic on the highway was painfully slow, so she decided to take a shortcut. It was all good until a truck blocked the entire road and forced her to stop her vehicle. As she stopped, the truck driver come to her and said, "The truck will soon leave, we just have a small problem: my wife is very sick in the cabin and she scared me so much, I almost had an accident." "Can I help?" asked Joana "Would you do that?" replied the driver. Without any second thoughts, Joana stepped out from the car and the two went towards the truck. As she walked she saw two shadows in the other side of the truck and she thought that there is no way that 3 men and a woman could travel in one truck... and besides, why are the shadows not showing themselves? Right then she realized that the whole woman story was a lie and the driver did not ask her to step out from the car to help. Without thinking about the consequences, Joana started to run and she passed the truck with a speed comparable to a Rave Runner. The driver was about 120-130 kg (265-290 pounds) Joana knew that he wasn't going to keep chase, but one of the "shadows" started to run after her. What the guy who chased Joana did not know was that she was a skilled marathon runner and despite the fact that she was wearing a business outfit and high heeled boots didn't matter to her, as she was still a viable athlete in such an outfit. She managed to escape from the assholes and she went straight to the first police station to file a report. They kept her for a few h! ours, after which she knew that her work day was screwed, so she took a taxi home and she kept thinking that there is one single way she can relax and also clean her clothes. ;) You can guess what was that... right?
by EuroWAM
June 13, 2018